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Jenn Thornton | June 11, 2019 | Style & Beauty Shopping Now In

NatureGallery034ds.jpgThe two-piece amethyst geode butterfly table.

As the owner and curator of Nature Gallery in Los Altos, Carol Garsten is a natural at sourcing geologic treasures from across the world. Each item incorporates a stone or a fossil, supports the gallery’s “nature as a work of art” mantra, and offers a back-to-earth effect for tech-saturated times. “I have been inspired to curate a grounded geologic aesthetic with crystals and fossils in jewelry, furniture and natural art for the computer-driven Silicon Valley community for the past 24 years,” Garsten says. To this end there’s the amethyst geode butterfly coffee table pair ($14,875, includes a $1,000 custom glass allowance) from Brazil shaped to signify transformation and joy, and the museum-quality, framed 55-million-year-old Sabalites palm frond fossil ($19,875) with three fossil Knightia fish from the Severance quarry on the south shore of a fossil lake in Wyoming. For a smaller yet bold statement, Garsten’s one-of-a-kind 87Rocks jewelry collection is a gem. 296 State St., Los Altos

Originally published in the June issue of Silicon Valley

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Photography by: Chris Hardy