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Prescribers Choice Establishes Gold-Standard System For Effective Drug Prescription in Dermatology

Thomas Herd | February 18, 2020 | People

The philosophy behind the effective practice of Medicine entails that patients should receive the right diagnosis, treatment course, and prognosis from prescribing doctors.

A simple pathway....yet due to the powerful special interests lobby of big pharmaceutical and drug companies, the pathway for effective medical treatment has become grossly obstructed across a wide range of sectors.

Take dermatology for instance, where an alarming 70% of patients that require a prior authorization do not get the medicine they were originally prescribed by their doctor once they arrive at the drug store.

The reason- many of these medicines carry cumbersome reimbursement policies which make them inaccessible to most patients. Manyare then presented alternatives at the pharmacy (that have lobbied for positioning) and end up walking away with a less-effective substitute that they were solicited into.

Although this scenario at first may seem extreme, it is in fact a normalized occurrence in many fields with dermatology being particularly targeted due toreimbursement policies of the insurance carriers and the Pharmacy Benefit managers (PBMs).

Yet while the titans of the drug world fight for the best lobby, all the while both the patient and the end-doctor are being hurt. Especially in an industry like dermatology, where a doctor’s most effective treatment is to prescribe the right medicine.

Seeing this as a giant problem facing effective medical care today, healthcare entrepreneur Dr. Spencer Malkin launched the company Sincerus Pharmaceuticals to legally manufacture tailored medicines which had the highest demand from doctors at affordable prices.


Further, these medications could be customized based upon physician preference/individual patient needs and could be supplied from Sincerus Pharmaceuitcals through it daughter companies Prescribers Choice and Sincerus Florida directly to the doctors and onto the patients. This effectively bypasses the middlemen players such as wholesale distributors, PBMs, and pharmacies.

Since its inception, the first generation system designed by Sincerus Pharmaceuticals has halted the negative vortex around price inflation and solicited prescription substitutions across many thousands of doctor offices in the US. Malkin’s direct to doctor/patient supply chain is now considered the gold-standard for effective medical prescriptions in 44 states and makes a compelling case that the program should be adopted internationally.

The second generation build of the Sincerus Pharmaceuticals system carries even higher potential benefits due to the technology involved. To elaborate, Sincerus Pharmaceuticals has developed a patent pending technology named FRED- an acronym for Financial Reconciliation for E-Prescription Data- that will enable a physician to e-prescribe the medication that they feel is best for the patient to Sincerus Pharmaceuticals that will act as a gateway.

The prescription and insurance information will be automatically reconciled and sent to the leading mail order pharmacies for them to provide competitive bids. This technology will allow the patient and physician to immediately know the cost of the medication,leveraging their technology to receive the best price from the mail order pharmacies and drastically reducing the amount of drug substitutions.

You will soon learn more about Sincerus Pharmaceuticals’ innovative technology and how your doctor can utilize it for more accurate and affordable treatment, by visiting

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