Ken's Corner: Habits for Remaining Positive with Motivational Speaker Ken DeLeon

By Lindsay Garbacik By Lindsay Garbacik | April 25, 2024 | Home & Real Estate, Sponsored Post,

Embracing Optimism at Every Turn

Ken DeLeon is a talented real estate broker and experienced motivational speaker. Photo credit: Ken DeLeon.

According to Ken DeLeon, life is for living fearlessly. After surviving a near-fatal car accident and two bouts of cancer, DeLeon experienced numerous epiphanies that transformed his perspective on life. Embracing his triumphs, DeLeon champions living every day to its fullest potential and shares his insights through motivational speaking engagements nationwide. We sat down with Ken, one of the nation’s top real estate brokers with $10 billion in career sales, to discuss fostering a positive mindset, leaving a meaningful legacy and how fearlessness led him to implement a revolutionary business model.

Practicing Positivity

To kick off each day, DeLeon ditches the stress-inducing phone scrolling for a serene half-hour walk outside. There, he reflects on everything he is grateful for, from his loving family and friends to his thriving business to being alive despite the hardships he’s endured. This active meditation initiates his positive mindset for the day, a technique he picked up from a Stanford Business School professor colleague.

“Having come so close to death, I’ve gained a heightened awareness of life. My goal is to live a life so great that I do not fear death,” says DeLeon.

To maintain a positive attitude and mindset, DeLeon tries to eliminate any emotions that impede his joy, like jealousy, regret, anger and fear. For example, seeing another agent achieve goals he also wants to reach doesn’t make him jealous but instead inspires him to work harder and smarter. To avoid the feeling of regret, he makes a point of always trying his best.

“The biggest benefit to trying your hardest is you can’t say that you could’ve done more if you’re pushing it to the fullest,” explains DeLeon.

Ken DeLeon is an optimist who shares his insights through motivational speaking. Photo credit: Ken DeLeon.

Fearless in Business

After surviving multiple hardships, DeLeon developed a fearlessness and an unwavering desire to leave a lasting legacy, not only for his family but for his beloved industry. DeLeon was determined to create a client-focused real estate business model that was entirely different, guided by the idea, “If I were a client, what would I want?” Like an elite law firm, his innovative business model employs specialists on salary rather than commission, prioritizing clients’ interests above all else.

“My bucket list wish was to build the nation’s most efficient, client-centric brokerage, even if it meant making less profit per transaction. I’d rather my clients have an amazing experience, tell their friends and family, and then profit from the volume. I feel good and that my life matters because I created something that is benefiting people,” says DeLeon.

Before his hardships, he would’ve naturally been fearful of taking such a risk as an entrepreneur, but the dream to leave a legacy fuels his passion.

“I’m not afraid to take a calculated risk because a financial setback no longer intimidates me, and I just feel grateful to be alive.”

Ken Deleon with his wife, Alexandria. Photo credit: Ken DeLeon.

Dancing Through Life

DeLeon jokes that while he may not be the best dancer, he certainly is the fastest. He opens his speaking engagements with enthusiastic dancing to set his audience at ease.

“The greatest gift you can give is freedom, and the best way to give freedom is by being free yourself,” says DeLeon. Though others may seem judgmental, they’re worrying about being judged themselves. “You have one life to live; don’t be afraid to live and dance for yourself,” he says.

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