Ken's Corner: Diversifying Your Real Estate Investment

By Lindsay Garbacik By Lindsay Garbacik | April 25, 2024 | Home & Real Estate, Sponsored Post,

Tips to Optimize Your Real Estate Investments

Developer_Ken_01.jpgKen DeLeon is a talented real estate broker with decades of experience helping clients improve their investment portfolio through real estate. Photo credit: Ken DeLeon.

In the realm of luxury real estate, Silicon Valley real estate maverick Ken DeLeon is a wealth of knowledge in the art of diversifying and optimizing an investment. As a 10-billion-dollar-producing real estate broker with decades of experience, Ken DeLeon is keenly attuned to the intricacies of real estate investing, the ins and outs of property taxes and strategically selecting home locations.

Why trudge through the seasons or weather you don’t enjoy if you don’t need to? Each real estate investment should offer something different, making a diversified investment portfolio and, more importantly, enhancing the buyer’s quality of life.

One tip DeLeon champions when advising those purchasing their second, third or fourth homes is to consider what this new location can offer, thinking strategically. For example, if the buyer enjoys living on the water, their next home could be in the Hamptons for a summer home and in Palm Beach for a winter home. Or, for those who love mountain living and hiking trails, try purchasing an Aspen home for summer and a home in Scottsdale for the winter. Whether preparing for retirement or simply seeking a new place to vacation, real estate investments offer options for financial triumph in the long term–and can offer an enjoyable respite in the meantime.

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