Ken's Corner: Bay Area Real Estate Maverick Ken DeLeon Talks Innovation

By Lindsay Garbacik By Lindsay Garbacik | April 16, 2024 | Home & Real Estate, Sponsored Post,

A Different Approach to Real Estate Success.

Ken DeLeon knows all the nuances of buying and selling in Silicon Valley. Photo credit: Brian Bishop.

With inspirational tales, feats of real estate excellence and vibrant enthusiasm, he’s more than just another Ken. He’s an innovator with a fearless approach to real estate. Meet Ken DeLeon, a ten-billion-dollar-producing real estate broker and the founder of DeLeon Realty.

About a decade ago, this Silicon Valley real estate titan sold the most expensive home in the nation’s history, ranking him as the country’s top agent. While his career took off, he faced hardships that transformed his lens on life. Now, this Renaissance man motivates others with his uplifting stories, valiant dance moves and philanthropy–all while leading a top real estate firm.

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Passionate about living without regrets and leaving behind a meaningful legacy, DeLeon created a client-first business model unlike any other. Motivational, forward-thinking and courageous, DeLeon approaches life with an unmatched vibrancy fueled by the hardships he’s overcome.

DeLeon in his Silicon Valley home. Photo credit: Brian Bishop.

“My bucket list wish was to build the nation's most efficient, client-centric brokerage, even if it meant making less profit per transaction. I’d rather my clients have an amazing experience and tell their friends and family and then profit from the volume. I feel good and that my life matters because I created something that is benefiting people,” says DeLeon.

Join us as editor-in-chief Michael McCarthy discusses a range of topics with DeLeon, from career advice to life philosophies to dancing like no one is watching, in the first installation of this dynamic eight-part video series.

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