Getting Grounded and Achieving Focus With Meditation—and Marijuana

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How a deeper connection with cannabis flower can help you get centered, and enhance your meditation practice
When you want to make a change, you have to start from the ground and work your way up. Or in the case of cannabis flower, from the roots up! And that’s where Caliva starts making a connection with our in-house flower, because it will eventually make it into the cannabis products we produce. We also know that one of the best ways to achieve connection with yourself is through a mindful meditation practice, it can help you get grounded, achieve focus, and cultivate a better mindset. So imagine the possibilities when you add cannabis to your meditation practice with flower that has been energized and honored with healing vibes from a shaman practitioner. At Caliva, we do just that, and wanted to explore how creating a culture of connection with our plants might be able to help enhance your meditation practice.

Nurturing a Culture of Connection with Caliva’s Plants
How Caliva’s shaman practitioner stimulates good energy from the start
Positive thinking can definitely make a difference in your mood and your well-being. From the start Caliva has always believed that positive energy can make a difference--with our people, in our plants and in the world around us. It makes our plants happy, and our people happy, including our customers.

Plants that are cultivated with love and intention will bring that good energy into all the products we make, which is why each week our Chief Culture Officer and in-house shaman practitioner Shanny Harder Ronald blesses the plants with good vibes.

Why is a shamanic relationship important for Caliva’s plants?
Shanny sees a connection between all things--between people, animals, stones, stars, the land, and plants. She fosters an awareness of that connection in her work with Caliva’s plants by receiving information from them, and sending good energy in return. Shanny’s work as an energy healer, life coach, and shamanic practitioner have taken her all over the world. She’s learned from the Inuit people in the Arctic, Sangomas from South Africa, a Tibetan monk, the Dagara people of West Africa, and with teachers and healers right here in the United States. The driving force behind all of her experiences was her deep love of her Ancestors, and the desire to help other people tell their unique stories. It was this desire that organically evolved her role at Caliva where she works to promote a positive climate, and has a powerful impact on both the plants and the people of Caliva. Her experiences all over the world working to collaborate, lead, and inspire have helped many at Caliva find a passion in their work, and promotes a sense of unity among the over 420 employees. We’re pretty sure the cannabis plants enjoy soaking up all these good vibes too.

As one of the founding members of Caliva, Shanny focused on bringing the spirit of positivity and togetherness to as many people as possible. Where did she start? With the cannabis plants, of course. Her intention was to focus on the plants, because after all, the plants are the beginning of all the products Caliva creates, so she wanted to make a strong, external connection with them. By honoring and advocating for the plants, she can help foster a potency that has a positive impact on the world. By sending out gratitude, health, and healing to the plants at Caliva, the goal is to enrich our products and ultimately the customers. As Shanny often says: “Each member of Team Caliva is here because of this plant, this plant has brought us together.”

Positive energy, meditation, and mindfulness are a part of the company culture of Caliva
In addition to her weekly gratitude and advocacy sessions with the cannabis plants, Shanny also leads weekly internal Zoom meditation sessions for Caliva employees. By promoting a company-wide culture of positive energy and mindfulness, it creates a space for everyone to participate in a meditation, and send their own vibes and feelings of gratitude out into the atmosphere. This amplified energy resonates with not only the people of Caliva, but in the plants as well.

In an effort to put more positive energy out into the world, Shanny and Caliva have also used Instagram live to provide a guided meditation for customers and social followers. Group meditation is a fantastic way to carve some time out of the day for a little internal work--and increase the happy vibes all around us. Because it’s virtual, this makes it possible for even more people to contribute to their own happiness, that of those around them, and of the cannabis plants as well! It’s good to know that there are people all over who want to be a part of this healing energy, and are willing to make a contribution.

Connecting to the plants in a way that honors them and builds on positive energy is the best way to ensure those happy vibes get transferred to our products, and to our customers. Happy plants make happy people!

How Cannabis Can Help Enhance Meditation
Can cannabis help you get grounded and focus your mind?
Creating a culture of positivity starts with our plants, which we hope carries over into our customers’ experiences. If meditation is one of the tools you use to help you get centered and develop a better connection with yourself, why not add cannabis to the mix and bring that connection to the next level? Using products that highlight these terpenes could aid in your goal of regaining focus and finding tranquility.

With the wonderfully calming aroma of pine, pinene can help you chill out, settle your monkey mind, and prepare yourself for meditation. Although it is not typically the dominant terpene in a strain, its effects are still strong enough to be felt.

Recommended product:
Caliva Blackjack Eighths: A flavorful flower that’s ideal for a slow, but mindful, meditative practice that concentrates on deepening the connection to your breath.

One of the most potent scents that promote relaxation and serenity is lavender--you can find it in many candles, skin-care products, and it is the go-to choice of tea before bed for many people. This terpene profile is the perfect way to prepare mind, body, and spirit for a cleansing meditation session. Relaxing the mind is a constant process, but having this terpene in your toolkit could make it easier to shift into a meditative state.

Recommended products:
Caliva Dogwalker Prerolls: These little doobies are a great way to easily transform to your meditative state. They’re portable and packable, allowing you to find a peaceful moment anywhere.
Fun Uncle Don Zkittles Eighth Bag: Let your mind relax and your body unwind with nuggets designed with a full spectrum of flavor--ranging from lemon to fruity, and earthy to diesel.
Caliva House Doobie - Hybrid: The essential pre-roll that’s ready to help you transition to a meditative state of mind.

Abundant in the rinds of citrus fruits such as lemons, oranges, and limes this terpene can help you slow down and begin your meditative journey inward. The scents of citrus fruits are often used in aromatherapy to promote a stress-free and relaxed environment. Cannabis products that feature this terpene are a necessary addition if you’re looking to focus on your meditation practice.

Recommended products:
Caliva Alien OG Eighths: Get grounded and ready to relax, because this strain is ideal for focusing your energy inward.
Indica Reef Leaf: Slow your roll down a little and let go of any worry or stress with this flower. Find more focus and allow your mind to unwind.

But don’t take our word for it...
Caliva Wellness Influencers Tell How They Combine Meditation and Cannabis
If you’re curious about how you can incorporate cannabis into your meditation practice, but are unsure of how to start, not to worry. We’ve spoken to three influencers who are active in their wellness and creative communities--and who incorporate cannabis into their physical and mental wellness practices.

DeJanae Evins

DeJanae is a cannabis educator, researcher, and urban cultivator who is also the founder of Green Goddess Glow, which is working to change the conversation around cannabis. She is working to reclaim the intentional use of the plant, and amplify the relationship between cannabis and women of color.

Wellness to DeJanae means creating a relationship with mind, body, and spirit so that you can learn to live healthier, more abundant lives. Deep breathing and hydration are essential wellness activities that DeJanae cultivates daily, as well as her yoga practice. She believes cannabis has been an essential part of opening up the pathway to a yoga training program for her, giving her the opportunity to join and flourish in a nurturing community. DeJanae recommends using cannabis to separate from your ego to be more present. She allows the plant to speak to her, learning things about herself along the way.

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