Catwalking To The Beat of Better Music Education

Carolyne Zinko | July 23, 2019 | Parties

Garden of Delights
The San Francisco Opera Guild and Neiman Marcus presented Marchesa 2019, a benefit for music education.

The Party Some 210 of the Bay Area’s best-dressed women (and a few men) paid $500 each for a runway show, salmon lunch, live auction and fund-a-need. Mary Poland, the guild president, enlisted the House of Marchesa, whose fashions are increasingly popular among attendees on gala night, to create sizzle for the guild’s 80th anniversary this year. Neiman Marcus was a co-presenter of the event. The Guests Todd Hoyles, vice president and general manager of Neiman Marcus Union Square, welcomed guests, including Silicon Valley’s Komal Shah, Lisa Zabelle, Rhonda Mahendroo and Deepa Pakianathan. Francesca Amann, Maya Meux and Toni Wolfson chaired the event. The Highlights Women opened their wallets to show support for the guild, as well as for Marchesa designer Georgina Chapman (whose husband’s alleged mistreatment of women launched the #MeToo movement). The event, originally planned for the backyard of Poland’s home in Ross, was moved to the third floor of Neiman Marcus after heavy rains nixed the outdoor setting. Events man Riccardo Benavides used his green thumb to transform the store into a garden, and Poland asked everyone for a rain check (get it?) and promised to do another show at her house next year.

Originally published in the July/August issue of Silicon Valley

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