Cartier Launches Les Epures Fragrance Collection

Phebe Wahl | July 13, 2020 | Style & Beauty National

Cartier’s Les Epures fragrance collection captures the purescents of the most exquisite and ephemeral blooms.


Pur Magnolia, $270,

“Perfumery is born from nature, and perfumery needs to be open to everyone,” says Mathilde Laurent. The Cartier in-house perfumer waxes poetic about the universal “alpha pleasure” of nature that inspired Cartier’s freshly launched Les Epures collection of three fragrances. The highly authentic scents are packaged in transparent bottles inspired by a historic circa 1926 Cartier vase that was owned by the Baron de Rothschild and encased in an iconic red Cartier box. Like carefully crafted olfactory jewels, the collection spotlights the pure essences of sparkling citrus (Pur Kinkan), a blooming magnolia (Pur Magnolia) and delicate lily of the valley (Pur Muguet). For the third fragrance, Laurent sought to capture the “quintessential ephemeral and sublime flower” lily of the valley. “It is somewhat of a myth in modern perfumery,” she says of the scent, which is notoriously complicated to create. For the fragrance, Laurent revisited the idea of a muguet soliflore in an ultramodern, ultrarealist way. The result is strikingly authentic and exceptionally fresh.


Pur Muguer, $270,


Pur Kinkan, $270,

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Photography by: Courtesy of Cartier