Photographer Drew Altizer Turns His Lens From Party Snaps to Conceptual Art

Carolyne Zinko | April 9, 2020 | Lifestyle

Society photographer Drew Altizer’s landscapes provide opportunities to reflect on life in a new way.

P0000641-Pano.jpgDrew Altizer, untitled (2020)

As the global pandemic led to the cancellation of social events in recent months, San Francisco society photographer Drew Altizer, the Bay Area’s go-to for party snaps, temporarily shuttered his business. Like many others, he has many hours of time to fill. He’s turned to his hobby, nature photography, to reflect upon life, meaning and purpose. Instead of beautiful people, he’s snapping shots of the beauty in nature — just the place many of us are turning to for hikes and contemplation during unsettling times. Unlike party photos, which are literal, his art photos (some represented by Simon Breitbard Fine Arts, others found at are more conceptual, one reason he refrains from identifying the place where each image was taken. “I’m not trying to tell a story; the picture is not meant to describe something physical or to illustrate the actual thing that’s there,” he says. “It’s meant to illustrate a feeling and people will put their own stories on it. It really has nothing to do with where it is.”

0268.jpgDrew Altizer, untitled (2020)

DSC0134-1.jpgDrew Altizer, untitled (2020)


Drew Altizer, untitled (2020)

Photography by: Drew Altizer